Omega Warp Demo 1.01 Released

We released Omega Warp 
Demo Version 1.01 with the adjustments below:

- Addition of several tips in the interface and in Datalogs.
- Adjustments to enemy balancing in some areas.
- Increased text display time in intro cutscene.

The game will also participate in the upcoming #SteamNextFest (February 06-12, 2023) 🚀

Check the Omega War Demo on the Steam page:

We hope you enjoy the game and we appreciate your feedback, either on the Steam Community Forum or on our Discord 👍

Omega Warp Demo

Omega Warp, a 2D sci-fi themed action-adventure game for PC and Linux, gets a Steam Demo out now! The game will also participate in the upcoming #SteamNextFest (February 06-12, 2023) 🚀

Omega Warp SteamNextFest


We are finalizing Omega Warp demo for upcoming SteamNextFest in February 2023, stay tuned 🚀


Vibrant Recycling: 10 Years!

10 years ago (2012), we released version 1.0.0 of Vibrant Recycling, a free educational and ecologycal HTML5 game, getting more than 1M hits globally during that time, on various online portals 🎂🎇🎉!

Were you curious? Access the game for free in the link below:

Thanks to everyone who played it 👏!

Omega Warp Announcement

Good news 📰! We are announcing 📣 the new project 🎮 from Cian Games: Omega Warp, a sci-fi themed action-adventure 🔫, which takes place aboard an interstellar freighter 🚀.

Check the Steam Page 🎮, the Official Website 🔖 or join our Discord Channel 🎧

Omega Warp Announcement Trailer