Omega Warp Gameplay Trailer

Over the past few months, we have implemented several improvements and fixes based on feedback from QA (Quality Assurance) 🔧

Check out the updated Omega Warp Gameplay Trailer, containing some of these improvements:

Omega Warp Gameplay Trailer

While the game is not released, add it to your Steam wishlist to be notified when it launches 😉. 

Stay tuned as we will soon be announcing the release date for PC (Windows and Linux) 🤩🚀🥂.

We hope you enjoy the game and we appreciate your feedback, either on the Steam Community Forum or on our Discord 👍

Omega Warp Gameplay Trailer (WIP 2023)

Check the video with Omega Warp Gameplay Trailer (WIP), planned to be released in 2024 for PC (Windows and Linux):

Omega Warp Gameplay Trailer

We hope you enjoy the game and we appreciate your feedback, either on the Steam Community Forum or on our Discord 👍

Note: Work in Progress Footage 2023.

Godot Engine 4.2 Released

Following the pattern of a new version every 4 months, the Godot 4.2 is released with several improvements and with a focus on stability! Check the Godot Official Announcement and the Godot Changelog for more info:

- Add AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.2 (FSR 2.2).
- Several rendering optimizations.
- Add 2D HDR rendering.
- Several improvements on TileMap Editor, including per-tile flipping and rotating.
- Add forced integer scaling.
- Improved gamepad support.
- Add a new lightmapper denoising approach.
- Better animations under the new AnimationMixer node.
- Add navigation mesh baking for 2D.
- Editor quality of life improvements and fixes.
- Several bug fixes and usability improvements.

Projects comming from Godot 4.x are compatible with Godot 4.2, because this is not a major version (as Godot 3.x to Godot 4.0), with minor adjustments to some function parameters. Check the Official Documentation for more info. 

With the release of Godot 4, Godot 3 continue to be supported for a while, being considered an LTS (Long Term Support) version and with some features or bugfixes being backported from Godot 4.

The Godot Engine is a free, all-in-one, cross-platform game engine that makes it easy for you to create 2D and 3D games.

Omega Warp Demo 1.04 Released

We released Omega Warp Demo Version 1.04 with the adjustments below:

- New and improved player animations.
- Fine adjustments to enemy textures.
- Improvements to airlocks.
- Adjustments to weapon firing effects.
- New area indicator on the map.
- More detailed messages when using quest items.
- Added icons to warning messages.
- Usability improvements.
- Miscellaneous adjustments and fixes.

Check the Omega War Demo on the Steam page:

We hope you enjoy the game and we appreciate your feedback, either on the Steam Community Forum or on our Discord 👍

Omega Warp Postponed to 2024

Dear players and fans,

We greatly appreciate the support and passion you have shown for our upcoming game, Omega Warp.

However, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the launch of Omega Warp to 2024. This extra time will be used for further refinement, quality assurance (QA) and testing of the game. We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause and thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding. 

Stay tuned for more updates on Omega Warp in 2024. We look forward to sharing more about the game as we approach the new launch.

In the meantime, check the Omega Warp Demo and add the game to your Steam Wishlist:

Thanks for your support 👍