Godot Engine 3.0 Released

January 29, 2018 André Schmitz 6 Comments

After one and a half years of development, the long awaited version 3.0 of Godot Engine is available! The Godot Engine 3.0 has a new graphics engine (GLES 3.0) with several improvements for 3D rendering besides a redesigned and more modern editor. Check the Godot Official Announcement and the Godot Changelog for more info:

- Brand new 3D renderer featuring physically-based rendering, real-time global illumination and improved post-processing effects, using OpenGL ES 3.0 (Mobile) and OpenGL 3.3 (PC).
- GDNative to load native code as plugins.
- New shader compiler that is mostly based on GLSL ES 3.0.
Entirely new audio engine with buses and realtime effects.
- New 3D physics engine using Bullet.
- Improved memory management architecture with better performance.
GPU accelerated particles.
- Support for C++ (GDNative), C# (Mono) and Visual Scripting.
- VR and AR improvements, including support for OpenVR, OpenHMD and ARKit.
- Support for onion skinning.
- Automatic import and reimport of assets.
- Autotiling for 2D tilemaps.
- Support for 2D soft shadows.
- Enhanced debugger with remote SceneTree edit.
- Better and improved built-in documentation.
- Several usability improvements in the script editor such as code folding and customizable themes.
- Simplified and more flexible export system using presets.
- Improved HTML5 export using WebAssembly and WebGL2.
New high-level networked multiplayer API with IPv6 support.
- Several bug fixes and improvements.

Projects from Godot 2.1 are not compatible with Godot 3.0, as many things changed in the Godot API as well as in GDScript. There is no porting guide for now (only some Migration Notes), but there is an export tool in Godot 2.1.3 and later which can be used to export 2.1 games to the formats expected for Godot 3.0, helping in the migration process (check the Official Documentation also). 

Godot is an advanced, feature packed, multi-platform 2D and 3D open source game engine (MIT). It provides a huge set of common tools, so you can just focus on making your game without reinventing the wheel.


  1. compared to unity,unreal. what this engine provide befits to engine switchers?

    1. Godot has the flexibility of the Scene System (instead of Prefabs), has a Dedicated 2D engine (not a fake 2D, flattening the Z axis on a 3D space), has a Cross-Platform editor (Windows, Mac and Linux) and its MIT licensed (you can change the engine and there's no taxes or revenue cap).

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