Godot Engine 3.5 Released

August 05, 2022 André Schmitz 0 Comments

In parallel with the development of Godot 4.0, the dev team released the Godot 3.5 version ater 9 months of development with some great news. Check the Godot Official Announcement and the Godot Changelog for more info:

- Asynchronous shader compilation with caching (ubershader).
- New NavigationServer with obstacle avoidance using RVO2 library.
- Add physics interpolation for 3D.
- Add OccluderShapePolygon for 3D.
- New tweening class with SceneTreeTween.
- Add Label3D and TextMesh to display text in 3D scenes.
- New Time singleton for a better reading of the current OS time.
- Add possibility of accessing nodes by unique names.
- Android port of the Godot editor.
- New features for Version Control Systems (VCS) integration.
- Add GradientTexture2D and OccluderShapePolygon (3D).
- Optimized line drawing in 2D.
- Improved ColorPicker presets.
- Several bug fixes and usability improvements.

Projects comming from Godot 3.4 are compatible with Godot 3.5, because this is not a major version (as Godot 2.1 to Godot 3.0 or for Godot 3.x to Godot 4.0 when it is released), with minor adjustments to some function parameters. Check the Official Documentation for more info. 

Godot is an advanced, feature packed, multi-platform 2D and 3D open source game engine (MIT). It provides a huge set of common tools, so you can just focus on making your game without reinventing the wheel.

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